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Sean Gerety: PSP Background in XAML

Sean Gerety has been bitten by the WPF bug, and is doing some pretty cool stuff with XAML.  Check out his PSP Background in XAML post, where he walks you through the thought process as well as the tools used while building the sample. 

Jit Ghosh (value of the blog link questionable here, since there’s only 1 stale post) has been beating the WPF drum on our team lately and trying to get me fired up.  I think WPF is honestly a very cool technology, but I am about as visually challenged as any developer you will ever meet.  I can’t design a visual application to save my life, and my demos typically consist of Console applications (unless I stole borrowed a pretty web page or Windows Forms app from a marketing guy).

That’s going to be a challenge for me this year… figuring out how to demo WPF without relying on pre-canned material.  Nothing makes people notice a demo more than when you can code the thing in front of them instead of explaining away someone else’s demo.