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Atlanta Communications Sector Architect Council With Jeffrey Richter: February 22nd

We are fortunate to have Jeffrey Richter of Wintellect speak to the Communications Sector Architect Council on Some Controversial .NET Topics.  In this session, Jeffrey will address some of the more controversial issues surrounding the .NET Framework and code written for it. First, we’ll examine how (and if) managed code and your intellectual property can be protected from others. Second, we’ll address how much faster manage code can run if you use Microsoft’s nGen.exe tool. Third, we’ll examine how much slower managed code as compared to unmanaged code. This talk will give you more insight into haw the .NET Framework works and a number of interesting demos and tools will be shown.

Architect Evangelist Wolf Gilbert will follow up with a discussion on Service Orientation in the Enterprise.  Implementing an enterprise vision for service orientation implies a number of concepts that are easily overlooked in the SOA hype.  A key factor in determining an enterprise’s success in creating a Service Oriented Enterprise involves the current state of the enterprise’s architecture and ability to implement services.  As various Service Orientation Maturity Models (SOMM) have appeared in the press recently, we will present our own unique view on SO maturity, but more importantly we will show how the SOMM can be applied to realize service integration in the enterprise.

About the Featured Speakers:

Jeffrey Richter is a co-founder of Wintellect (, a training, debugging, and consulting firm dedicated to helping companies build better software, faster. He is the author of several best selling .NET and Win32 programming books including “Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming” (Microsoft Press). Jeffrey is also a contributing editor to MSDN Magazine where he authors the Concurrent Affairs column. Jeff has been consulting with Microsoft’s .NET Framework team since October 1999 and was also a consultant on Microsoft’s Web Services and Messaging Team (“Indigo”).

Wolf Gilbert is an Architect Evangelist for Microsoft Corporation’s Communications Sector.  Prior to joining the team as an AE, Wolf did a tour of duty with Microsoft Consulting Services in the Communications Sector, and was a successful Product Manager for the Windows team, focusing on supportability.  Wolf is currently focused on making SOA real within the enterprise.