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C# and VB.NET Code Snippets Parity

If you are a C# developer and have ever mistakenly created a VB.NET project, you might have noticed the massive number of code snippets that VB folks enjoy.

My good buddy Tim Haines gives us the word that the same Code Snippets available for VB.NET that come with VS2005 out-of-the-box are available for C# on this MSDN download page

[via Christopher Steen]

I have tinkered with the idea of writing those snippets for C# for awhile, glad to see someone beat me to it!  I liked to show off some of the XML snippets to the C# crowd, it really is a great demonstration of how Visual Studio 2005 is focused on productivity.

It looks like Dare’s URL is no longer used as the namespace in the XML snippets (saw this in the betas, thought it was a great touch).  Although, I did notice that Dare left his mark in the 2.0 QuickStart sample for Validating an XML Document.