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Changes to

There were some changes to last night, most of which are administration-related.  The UI to create a new post is much better, and the Control Panel is just plain slick.  It is so much easier to assign a post to a category now, and the ability to navigate your settings is sweet.  It also looks like they wired up the blogs and forums to the MSDN profile center, that’s a pretty cool idea.

However, last night, these posts looked great (mostly code) and pulled up fine in my aggregator.  This morning, they are unreadable with the default MSDN skin applied to my blog.  Luckily, it looks like changing to the “simple” skin made the posts readable again.  If anyone else likes to post code using <pre><code>your code here</code></pre> formatting, this may be a fix for you as well.

In case anyone else with an MSDN blog is waking up to the surprise change to their blogs and can’t figure out how in the heck to manage posts, you can use the Control Panel to manage your blog’s settings.  The link to this just moved a bit from its old location when looking at your blog in the browser.

In all, the changes are great… I would love to use the MSDN skin again, but I also want my readers to be able to read the code when I post it out.