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Controlling Proxy Generation via SchemaImporterExtensions

In my previous entry on Solving a WS-Oops with ASMX 2.0, I hinted at a code smell.  One of the things that I started thinking about was how to leverage a SchemaImporterExtension to control the proxy generation.  I was thinking about controlling the serialization of the custom token and making it simpler on the consumer when the token is expressed in a header, which is explicitly specified as part of the contract in the WSDL.  I started down that road, and thought “why am I doing this?” 

Honestly, now that I have the WSE 3.0 implementation is done (and I am working on the blog post to show it off), I lost interest in the ASMX method because the WSE 3.0 custom policy assertion approach is just so much more elegant than mangling the WSDL with a custom header.  Here is how far I got with a custom SIE before ditching it… hopefully this little bit of code will help someone out, I just don’t have it in me to code the rest.  In fact… if you want to see a pretty cool implementation of a SchemaImporterExtension, see John Bristowe’s ode to SIE.

using System;
using System.Xml.Serialization.Advanced;
using System.CodeDom;

namespace Msdn.Web.Services
    class SampleSchemaImporterExtension : SchemaImporterExtension
        public override string ImportSchemaType(
            string name,
            string ns,
            System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaObject context,
            System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSchemas schemas,
            System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSchemaImporter importer,
            System.CodeDom.CodeCompileUnit compileUnit,
            System.CodeDom.CodeNamespace mainNamespace,
            System.Xml.Serialization.CodeGenerationOptions options,
            System.CodeDom.Compiler.CodeDomProvider codeProvider)
            if (name.Equals("WSSEDraftSecurityHeader") && ns.Equals(""))
                ConsoleColor defaultBackground = Console.BackgroundColor;
                ConsoleColor defaultForeground = Console.ForegroundColor;
                Console.BackgroundColor = ConsoleColor.Blue;
                Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.White;

                Console.WriteLine(name + " ==== " + ns);
                CodeNamespace cns = new CodeNamespace("Msdn.Web.Services.Proxies");
                cns.Imports.Add(new CodeNamespaceImport("Msdn.Web.Services"));

                Console.BackgroundColor = defaultBackground;
                Console.ForegroundColor = defaultForeground;
                return name;
            return null;

Almost done with the blog posting for the WSE 3.0 custom policy assertion… very cool to code, hopefully the post will do it justice.