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Cool Command-Line Stuff

I love command-line stuff that helps me develop software quicker.  Here are a couple commands that will make your development life a little easier.  Got any more?  Leave a comment with a command line utility that really helps you with your job.

General Tasks

Find all ports listening over TCP (great for seeing if a service is listening over TCP correctly):

netstat -a  -n -o -p TCP | findstr LISTENING

List all processes currently using .NET:

tasklist /m "mscor*"

.NET Utilities

Find an assembly by name or other attribute in the Global Assembly Cache

gacutil /l | FINDSTR your_find_value_here

Specify a parameters file for WSDL.exe

wsdl.exe /par:Your_parameters_file_here

Create a script for configuring SQL Server for all ASP.NET 2.0 features. 

aspnet_regsql -A all -sqlexportonly your_sql_script_file_here