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Is C# missing checked exceptions?

An interesting thread on SlashDot asks if a developer should learn C# or Java as a 2nd year student.  In typical SlashDot form, there are the usual uneducated anti-MS bashing comments on missing features that actually exist or comparisons of features where the author is clearly stretching to find something where the Java language excels… Read more

VB.NET Generics and System.Action delegate

A customer indicated that they were having some problems with Generics in VB.NET and using “foreach” on it.  After a couple of emails back and forth, I realized they wanted to see how to use the ForEach method on a List or Array.  One way to use iteration is to use the “For Each” syntax,… Read more

The One About Attributes

I love using .NET attributes.  When I am teaching a class on web services, I start by showing what an attribute is, how you can create custom attributes, and how to use GetCustomAttributes to detect your attribute.  I then cruft up a sample CsvSerializer that serializes a class to a CSV file based on the metadata… Read more