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Tuning System.Net

I love posts like this that explain how to tune System.Net.  System.Net.ServicePoint has long been one of the classes with just enough information available to make you wonder what else you can do with it, but just enough knowledge base articles to make you concerned about the lack of documentation.  In fact, you have to scour a bit to find posts about System.Net connection management.  The ServicePointManager really only came into the collective consciousness of developers when they ran up against the issue of making asynchronous web service calls from a web application, in which case you needed to increase the number of connections for a web service call either in config or on the ServicePointManager class. 

I missed Durgaprasad’s talk on System.Net Tips and Tricks at PDC (looking forward to the DVDs).  Durgaprasad asks for hints for future talks on System.Net:  I would love to see more treatment about System.Net tuning, optimizations, troubleshooting, and would love to have more information on System.Net without resorting to Reflector to understand what is going on under the covers.  Keep up the great blog posts!