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CSNA Reception Event at The Standard

Somehow, I was able to convince our team into throwing a party similar to WS-Sushi.  What a great night it was!  We had the party on top of The Standard Hotel in downtown L.A., and had nearly 50 customers from the Communications Sector partying with around 50 other people from the product teams and community. 

The Communications Sector is the coolest part of Microsoft to work for because our customers are focused on interop and integration.  This is where the focus on web services and service orientation can have a dramatic impact on our customers’ ability to provide solutions quickly.  The Communications Sector includes Service Providers (satellite, cable, wireline, wireless) as well as media and entertainment (broadcasting and print).  To give you an idea of what type of customers we focus on, our party’s attendees included Verizon, BellSouth, Motorola, Turner Broadcasting, Walt Disney, ESPN, and Fox.

The power outages in LA threatened the event a but, making it so that folks located in the LA area were largely unable to attend because of horrific traffic, but it didn’t stop this from being a night to remember.  I didn’t get a group photo (there were about 100 people at the event), but I did take a few candids of the PDC 2005 CSNA reception event

At risk of missing some of the names, here are some of the folks that made it out to this great event:

  • Steve Swartz
  • Simon Guest
  • Steve Maine
  • Joshua Allen
  • Matt Nunn
  • Jon Flanders
  • Rob Howard
  • Jonathan Goodyear
  • Roger Wolter
  • Jesse Kaplan
  • Jason Zander
  • Harry Pierson
  • Drew Marsh
  • DonXML
  • Benjamin Mitchell
  • Don Smith
  • Ron Jacobs
  • Beat Schwegler
  • Brian Goldfarb

Thanks to all of our customers, community influentials, and product teams who attended to make this event such a great success.