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MGB – Wrap Up

Yeah, I am late in posting this, but I just now got down time (relatively speaking).

I missed Scoble’s Atlanta Nerd Dinner on Saturday night, but for good reason.  On Saturday night, there was an MGB party at Six Flags where they rented out the entire park and Jet performed.  I received an award at Microsoft, so I got to attend an invite-only event with some of the VP’s at Microsoft. 

Dev Bala and I were sitting at a table, eating some food and drinking a beer when Kevin Johnson, Group VP of Sales, pulls up and asks if he can join us.  That was pretty cool.  Then Martin Taylor pulls up and does the same.  THAT was cool.  I was mesmerized listening to him at last year’s MGB.  Then we got our pictures taken with both of them.

We were on our way out, and we met Bill Veghte.  He was engaging, like he was truly interested in what each and every person who talked to him had to say.  I couldn’t help but wonder if he is just incredibly good at turning it on, or if he is like that all the time.  Or maybe it was the award that North America received the day prior [:)]. 

Dev has the pics… just waiting to get them from him.

Dev and I went around the park for awhile, made our way towards the Jet concert.  Then we hear that Bill Gates is somewhere near where we were.  I wanted to go get my pic with him, but figured he probably had a bunch of people swarming him doing the same.  Besides, I had already had 1 beer too many by that point, and didn’t want to look drunk and sweaty in a picture with him.

We saw Jet.. I am a fan now.  I only knew one of their songs going in, and… well, that’s still the case.  But I plan on buying their CD now, they sound like they belonged on the Almost Famous soundtrack (one of my favorite CD’s still, including the song Fever Dog by the fictitious Stillwater).

Then I hung out with a former MVP for awhile… wonder if he is ever going to blog that he joined Microsoft?

As a wrap-up, MGB was killer for the chance to hang out with people, but not good if you were attending sessions looking for technical detail.  That’s what TechReady next week is all about, when half of the technical folks converge on Redmond for a week.