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SharePoint on a Domain Controller? I give up.

Trying to install Team Foundation Server Beta 2 tonight.  Going through the steps, I need to install SharePoint.  I go all the way through the install, and nothing happens.  The next line reads:

When the installation is complete, a Web browser window opens and displays the home page of the Windows SharePoint top-level site. If not, you should determine the cause and troubleshoot using the Windows SharePoint Services Administrator’s Guide.


I start spelunking in the admin guide.  Argh, wasn’t planning on this time sink.  I go through the docs, and find this quote in the Troubleshooting section.

I installed Windows SharePoint Services to a computer, and then made the computer a domain controller. Now when I go to SharePoint Central Administration or to a page in my SharePoint site, I see a “file not found” error, or an “access denied” error.

In order for the permissions for Windows SharePoint Services to be configured correctly, Internet Information Services (IIS) and Windows SharePoint Services must be installed to the domain controller after it is promoted to domain controller. If you have already installed IIS and Windows SharePoint Services to a computer, and you now need to make that computer a domain controller, you must uninstall IIS and Windows SharePoint Services, promote the computer to domain controller, and then reinstall IIS and Windows SharePoint Services. For more information about running IIS on a domain controller, see the IIS documentation.

Uninstalled SharePoint.  Uninstalled the MSDE instance it installed.  Uninstalled IIS (by unchecking the Application Server role in Win2k3).  Installed everything again.  This time, the web page pops up… waiting… please dear God… 404.

I almost threw my laptop across the room. 

UPDATE:  To fix this, see Jan’s blog posting on setting up WSS in a farm.  Follow the directions exactly.