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DirecTV – Pushy Bastages

Watching a movie tonight (First Daughter, a benign movie that allows you to “watch” a move of your wife’s choosing without emasculation), and DirecTV had the cajones to start advertising for the next movie while watching the movie we bought.  Lemme ‘splain.  Watching a movie we paid DirecTV 3.99 for, these somanabenches start advertising for another move 3/4 the way into the one we paid for.  You gotta be kidding me!  I have a pic of the screen, just nowhere to upload it right now (if anyone has a free suggestion, please comment).

What a frustrating experience.  You are consuming a service that you paid for, and the provider thinks it is appropriate to begin to advertise for other services.  This is not something they have done before, nor something that competitors do.  I thought I saw a blog about this last year from Scoble, but I am too lazy too search for it.

I have no loyalty to DirecTV, and in fact am hoping that BellSouth or Time Warner make a compelling competitive offering in my local area.  I will switch to the first that offers something better, like BellSouth’s interest in MSTV, and make sure that hundreds switch with me based on this one monumental screw up.  This is like going to your local movie, and them adding a bar at the bottom of the screen “visit the concession stand.”  Or worse, “go to the front counter and buy a ticket for the next show.”

In the meantime, if you are a BellSouth subscriber with DirecTV, you can try to save a couple bucks off your DirecTV bill.