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Yeah, Vern, Something Better is Coming, But My Phone Still Rocks.

Thanks for the injection of buyer’s remorse, Vern.  Like I wouldn’t have had it eventually anyway.  🙂

I will admit, as soon as I got to Microsoft last March and realized I was literally the *only* person in our office that did not have a PocketPC Phone or a Smart Phone, and I saw that everyone else with these devices had connectivity at the airport, read their emails during less than engaging meetings, and were even able to connect during notoriously under-provisioned PDC and TechEd wireless areas.  I wanted one, but the cheap side of me told me to wait. 

OK, my cheap side plus the constant rumors of what phones are on the horizon.

“This one has the Crackberry type keyboad with a PocketPC form factor… it is the killer device.”

“This device folds out 12 different ways so that you can have a full QWERTY keyboard sideways, and an optional satellite antennae-hat provides 5 Terrabyte per second downloads over a dialup connectoin.”

“This device is only 2 inches long and 1 inch wide, but flips out with a full bar, a  pizza, and 12 of your closest buddies.”

I have been waiting for about a year, trying to figure out what device to get.  Sure, something better is on the horizon.  But my phone still rocks