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The Coolest Commercial Curently Airing

The Coolest Commercial Currently Airing award goes to…

Visa Checkcard.

A lady stands in a parking lot.  She looks into her purse, then turns upward frantically, “Help me!!! Will somebody please help me?!?” 

The next image is a huge dude with long blonde hair, dressed like Thor.  His Thunder Hammer poised in the air, lightning strikes it as of on cue.  Captain America busts through the concrete floor of the parking deck, his shield prominently in camera view.  Spider-Man swings from skyscraper to skyscraper, then lights down on a car’s hood in a traditionally Spidey pose.  The next scene is awe-inspiring for anyone who grew up loving Marvel comics, including Thor, Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Storm.  There are couple you can’t make out in the background.

OK, not that great of a commercial, but it did remind me of the first time that I saw a Justice League of America cartoon when I was about 7 years old.  I remember being slightly disappointed, thinking, “wow.. now if they just had the Green Lantern and The Flash on it and get rid of the kids and the monkey, this would be a really cool show.”

Add The Flash and The Green Lantern to this commercial (yeah, I know they are DC and not Marvel, but 99.9% of anyone watching wouldn’t know the difference, and the other .1% would think it is a great idea), and this commerical would span past the “Currently Airing” category of cool commercials into possibly this year’s best. 

Unless the Miller Lite Twins make another appearance.