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WSE Wish List

Aaron has had his WSE Wish List up for about a month.  A couple customers have asked some interesting features, so I thought I would throw in a pointer for everyone to see where they can ask for features.  Just post on your blog, and the trackback will show on Aaron’s blog. 

Remember that you can always post feature requests to the MSDN Product Feedback Center, which is monitored by the product teams.  A quick search shows that there are only 3 submissions for WSE, so get busy submitting your ideas on the Product Feedback Center.

Here are a couple of ideas that I have heard in conversations with customers.

  • Better documentation. 
  • Whidbey support for WSE 3.0.
  • More Hands On Labs.  Specifically, WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversation drill-downs and HOLs.
  • Provide an integrated UI for contract first web service development.  WSCF works for ASMX, could the WSE team either provide something in VS.NET or work with Christian to provide WSCF for WSE?
  • MTOM support.
  • SAML token support.
  • WS-ReliableMessaging support.
  • Provide a Visual Studio Project Item template for SoapService classes, similar to the ASMX project item template.
  • More transports.  JMS and MQSeries transports seem to be at the top of the request list.
  • Provide a Visual Studio Project Wizard for creating a custom transport.
  • Add a SetHeaderObject method to the SoapEnvelope class.
  • Provide a SoapFault class that can be used to easily deserialize SOAP faults.  The SoapFault class currently only exposes a FromXml method that accepts an XmlElement.  Provide an easier means to deserialize to a .NET object, hopefully even a System.ApplicationException derivative.

Here are the things I have not heard customers asking for.

  • WS-Eventing
  • WS-AtomicTransactions
  • WS-BusinessActivity