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Web Services Tracing Tools

Simon Guest announced a new WSE 2.0 tracing tool that looks pretty slick, and supports tracing both HTTP and TCP.

Whenever I have given presentations on web services, people want to know about the tools that are available for tracing.  Here’s a short list.  Anyone have links to more?  Note that these are free unless otherwise noted.

  • Eric Lawrence’s Fiddler (HTTP debugging proxy)
  • Simon Guest’s WseTrace (for tracing WSE 2.0 HTTP and TCP channels)
  • Mike Taulty’s WSE 2.0 Trace (for tracing WSE 2.0 messages via filters)
  • Simon Fell’s TcpTrace (for tracing TCP traffic on a specified port)
  • Simon Fell’s proxyTrace (for tracing HTTP and SOAP specific traffic)
  • Simon Fell’s YATT (Yet Another Trace Tool… trace without changing the port for the proxy, works across machines)
  • Blunck’s ieHTTPHeaders (view HTTP header information in an IE explorer bar)
  • AmberPoint’s Express (tracing and perf monitoring… currently available and will ship with Visual Studio 2005 as well)
  • MindReef’s SOAPscope (comprehensive tool for services development, includes tracing, WS-I compliance, and WSDL checking… $99.)