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Speaking on SOA at the Chattanooga .NET User Group 08/10/2004

I am speaking at the Chattanooga .NET User Group tomorrow, August 10th.  I had a heck of a time coming up with a topic, and decided to put together a session on SOA that fills the gaps between Metropolis and HST.  This session is titled “The Pipes, The Wrench, and the Plumber”:

Metropolis is huge, and someone’s gotta provide the plumbing.  Kirk Allen Evans, .NET Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Corporation, will talk about pipes, wrenches, and plumbers while looking at what Service Orientation is all about.  We will crack some jokes about septic tanks, wells, and consuming services from your county or your apartment complex as only Southerners can while clarifying the pool of concepts that form SOA.  We will also look at the technologies that help us move the water.. err, I mean the data, through the pipes like ASMX, WSE, and Indigo.

What’s with the plumbing schtick?

If you want to add in a new sink or toilet for your new finished basement, that’s easy if the unfinished basement was already stubbed out.  But if you have to add the pipes as well after the concrete has been poured, you can be in for a world of trouble, not to mention a sore back from cracking concrete.  And do you choose copper or PVC tubing?  Once you use the water, it needs to go somewhere, be it into a septic sytem or the county sewer line.  You have choices to make, and those largely depend on the existing infrastructure and your current budget.  Once you have had a septic tank bank up during a rain storm, you cen become painfully aware of the ramifications of your choices.  Integrating with a sewer line is a great analogy to integrating with services, complete with SLAs and policy (water only flows one way… period.)

After I give the talk, I will post some more about it here.  It should be a fun night filled with 13-year old gaseous humor, and I promise that I will actually demo ASMX and WSE 2.0 in the process.