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WebCast Feeds!!!

We’ve made our webcasts available as a RSS feed on ths blog site. Every month we’ll post the upcoming month’s webcasts here for MSDN, MSDN Architecture Webcasts including patterns & practices live! webcasts, TechNet, Security, Office Systems, and Microsoft Business Solutions webcasts. Here they are below.

Upcoming MSDN Webcasts (rss)

Upcoming MSDN Architecture Webcasts (rss)

Upcoming Security Webcasts (rss)

Upcoming Microsoft Business Solutions Webcasts (rss)

Upcoming Microsoft Office Systems Webcasts (rss)

Upcoming TechNet Webcasts (rss)

Upcoming Executive Circle Webcasts (rss)

Upcoming Webcasts for the week (rss)

Webcast Series (rss)

Latest News (rss)

MSDN Webcasts Doctrine (rss)

Theme Weeks on MSDN Webcasts (rss)


[via Georgeo Pulikkathara]

This is incredible news.  I have manually aggregated and sifted through the MSDN webcasts for awhile now, as they are a huge resource for getting to know a variety of technology quickly. 

It would be really cool to integrate ESS into an aggregate of these feeds and see if we can create an add-in for RSSBandit or SharpReader to insert items into Outlook.