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WSE 2.0 – Book and Community

I just received my copy of Understanding Web Services Specifications and the WSE by Jeannine Hall Gailey.  So far, I am loving this book.  It focuses mainly on WSE 2.0 (written and published during the WSE 2.0 tech preview, prior to the WSE 2.0 RTM), but also covers specifications not implemented in WSE 2.0, such as WS-AtomicTransactions.  I have presented on these same topics several times to my customers, so it is interesting to read how someone explains the same concepts in a different manner.  The book does a great job of explaining WS-Security and WS-Policy.  This book is definitely going to become a leave-behind item for my customers who are looking at WSE.

While you are thinking about WSE… I thought I would point out some of the incredible work in the community around WSE 2.0:

  • SoapMSMQ Transport – Article with source on developing a custom transport over MSMQ.  This article is an incredible resource on understanding WSE 2.0 and the messaging infrastructure.
  • soap.smtp:// – Steve Maine’s web log post and source code for building a custom transport over SMTP.  The code in this is extremely understandable and approachable, serving as a great resource to learn about WSE 2.0.
  • Plumbwork Orange – A GotDotNet Workspace where some of the WS community are building implementations of Advanced Web Services using WSE 2.0.