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SOA Link Collection

There are a lot of resources on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) available on the Internet, and I am trying to collect some of them that go beyond the buzzwords into some meaningful discussion on the relevance of SOA, the concepts surrounding SOA, and (most importantly) implementations of SOA. 

Note: These references use the MLA style for notation which generally follows the structure:

Author(s) names. Article title. Site name Date of publication. Date of access <URL>.

The most oft-quoted resource to date seems to be Don Box’s 4 Tenets which were first shown at the October, 2003 Microsoft Professional Developers’ Conference (PDC).  Don described these 4 tenets as:

  • Boundaries are explicit
  • Services are autonomous
  • Services share schema and contract, not class
  • Service compatibility is determined based on policy (Box).

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