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.NET From a Markup Perspective

Breathing Life into a Dry Book?

During the writing of my portions of XML And ASP.NET, I strove to avoid using the same wording or structure as any of the MSDN content available at the time. I frequently asked my wife to help me find a different angle to explaining a concept.  She is not really interested in technical content, and she grew a little tired of my asking. I briefly explained the concept of HttpBrowserCapabilities and asked her to help me describe it and some of the properties of the object.  One property I mentioned is the .AOL property, to which she giggled:

“The AOL property indicates if the user’s computer has been infected with a virus, commonly spread in CD form.”

I was a little disgruntled that the editor pulled that line and replaced it with something more politically correct.  It’s not like I was trying to write something as flagrantly offensive as Mr. Feuerstein’s examples

Instead of injecting technical material with political discourse, maybe Mr. Bunny ought to take on Threading.