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Some have already blogged about what a great night it was, so I thought I would add a pic to show some of the folks that were able to attend the WS-Sushi dinner during the MVP Summit.

(Front row, L to R, kneeling)Drew Marsh, Daniel Cazzulino, Matt Powell, Peter Provost
(2nd row, L to R, kneeling) Bryant Likes, ?, Cathi Gero, Mark Fussell
(3rd row, L to R, standing) Aaron Skonnard, Tim Ewald, Michael Rys, Markus Eggers, Christoph Schittko, Dare Obasanjo, Rory Blythe, Sam Gentile, Arpan Desai, Julia Lerman
(4th row, L to R) Joshua Allen, ?, ?, Chris Pels, Joe Fawcett (barely visible),Jeffrey Richter, DonXML Demsak, ?, ?, Don Box, Jeff Julian, Ted Neward
Forgive me for those that I cannot put a name with the image, and please comment if anyone has a name that I am missing.