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ESF, and Generating ESF from Sharepoint

While there is not an existing standard anywhere named “Event Share Framework”, there is a conflict of TLAs between Event Share Framework and the Epistula Syndication Format. for an existing syndication specification.  Normally, you might be tempted to just say, “so what… it’s just the TLA, not the actual term“, but these both are pretty closely related.  Seems that we should rename EventShare… So, what about Event Share Specification, or ESS?  For anyone interested in discussing, please see the Event Share forum at

Along those lines, just ran into a post that mentions generating SharePoint events into Event Share format.  Sweet!  Keep the implementations coming.  We need more implementations to help raise questions about the format and provide feedback on the utility of the current format.

Addressing Sig’s same post, I strongly disagree with the “reinvent the wheel“ concept.  Bristowe’s post shows how to make something extremely convenient and compelling for end users who are not necessarily programmers, and uses a technology that will have the greatest reach:  simply Outlook.  Newsgator was just an avenue for showing integration between the plugin and Outlook’s calendar.