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Prefer Immutable Atomic Value Types

A great find while blog surfing today… Bill Wagner’s blog.  In it, I found a reference to a book he wrote and several chapters posted online. Prefer Immutable Atomic Value Types – He makes an interesting point about creating types that are immutable and the benefit gained. Understand the Pitfalls of GetHashCode – This was an… Read more

Feburary MSDN Event in Atlanta: VSTS, Troubleshooting ASP.NET and ASMX

Just got this link from Glen Gordon… Register to attend this FREE session and walk away with the MSDN Event Resource DVD*, as well as… Advanced techniques for designing and producing UIs, as well as customizing and extending WinForms controls Best practices for troubleshooting ASP .NET applications for both Web Forms and ASMX Web Services… Read more

BellCanada and Microsoft Team Up to Deliver New Integrated Services for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

As a first step in this initiative, Bell will offer its small and mid-size business customers a Productivity Suite, including licensed editions of Microsoft Office software or Microsoft Office Live Meeting service, along with Bell’s market-leading business telecom services such as DSL Internet connectivity, Productivity Pak, Business Back Up and Desktop PC Care. The new… Read more

Control Serialization and XSD.exe Using .NET 2.0

Keith is asking for a version of XSD.exe that lets him control serialization, specifically controlling properties versus fields in the generated proxy and control of collection serialization.  Might as well give us an extensible xsd.exe compiler that actually allows us to control the xsd->class mappings (properties versus fields, COLLECTIONS versus arrays, etc). I say this… Read more

WSE Wish List

Aaron has had his WSE Wish List up for about a month.  A couple customers have asked some interesting features, so I thought I would throw in a pointer for everyone to see where they can ask for features.  Just post on your blog, and the trackback will show on Aaron’s blog.  Remember that you… Read more

Contract first web services with WSCF

Christian gave me a sneak peek at this awhile back, and I have been chatting with Christoph about it as well. WSCF version 0.4 is available for download.  There is a walkthrough available online. Here are the coolest 2 screenshots that give you an idea what WSCF is about.  … Read more

JSP Conversion Articles and Web Services Interoperability

I am working with several groups of developers that have an extensive background in Java and are currently learning .NET.  It was admittedly difficult to find some of this information using MSN Search or Google as most articles that mention both “Java and C#” or “J2EE and .NET” end with “this platform is better than… Read more

Sun and Microsoft moving towards digital identity interop

On December 1st, a news teleconference was held that discussed some of the progress that Sun and Microsoft have made since swapping hockey jerseys.  The transcript of the Sun and Microsoft news conference is available online, and there is some great information tucked within. Hi, so today, as you’re probably all aware, there are two major… Read more