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Pulled the Java post

Sam posted a comment to my Java vs .NET post that I decided to pull it… a link to Jason Whittington’s original rebuttal to the 101 reasons blog post.  Not that I object to the controversy or stirring up the conversation again, but I think Jason did such a superb job with the first 25.  … Read more

See ya, Dan

Dan Reeves is now an ex-coach of the Atlanta Falcons.  Is it true?  Arthur Blank finally got rid of the last remnants of the Smith family?… Read more

UGA vs LSU for SEC Championship

Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs will rematch against the LSU Tigers, but this time for the SEC Championship.  UGA was given a gift by Florida State this past weekend when FSU defeated Florida.  All that, and they beat Georgia Tech the same day (which is really all that matters to most Dawg fans!) And I am… Read more