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Change Control: Software != House

Eli Robillard proposes Planning and Implementation should be separate projects.  In the comments to this post, M. Keith Warren argues that it is impossible to write a full specification of a large (6+ month) project.  I would agree with Keith, and that is why it should not be attempted.  Eli’s post also brings up an… Read more

Model Groups in XML Schemas – xs:all Groups

A recent article on discusses the use of xs:all to constrain a mixed content model groups. The question posed in the article perked my ears because I thought it was obvious that xs:all was not appropriate to the problem.  The article surrounds a question on how to create a schema that validates the following instance document: <text  xmlns=””>  … Read more

Thrashers Beat the Bruins

My gracious brother had an extra ticket and suite passes for the Thrasher’s game last night.  I took Jeff Key along for the ride, and we consumed more than our fair share of the beers in the suite’s refrigerator.  And to boot… the Thrashers actually beat the first place Boston Bruins, and the Thrashers are… Read more

Wearing Black for Dooley on Saturday

Athens — In his final football season as Georgia’s athletics director, Vince Dooley has been honored by some of the Bulldogs’ fiercest rivals — Florida, LSU, Auburn and Tennessee. But Dooley won’t be recognized Saturday in the stadium he made famous — at least not in any official way. Dooley, who will retire in June… Read more

XML != Object

Confusion arises because there’s no commonly accepted definition of what an object is, let alone what an object model is. XML schema definitions map to some languages’ OO concepts cleanly in some aspects and don’t map at all in other aspects. One commonly used definition of an object is state plus behavior. Web services certainly… Read more

ASP.NET 1.1 ValidateRequest Security Flaw

From the DOTNET-WEB list on DevelopMentor: Monday, September 8th, 2003 Background: ———- As part of Microsoft’s attempts to make it easier for application developers to write secure code, Microsoft has added a new feature, named Request Validation, to the ASP.Net 1.1 framework. This feature is provides out of the box protection against Cross Site Scripting… Read more

XML Schema Design Patterns

As several noted regarding the PDC pre-conference session “.NET: The XML And Web Services Perspective“, the point was made that global type declarations should be used in XML Schemas to avoid duplicate declarations without inferring context.  There was a lot of talk about this in the halls after the session, so it appears that there… Read more