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System.Xml in Whidbey

Drew is real-time blogging this session, so you should see some more feedback soon. 

XmlDocument is dead.  Was great in its time, served its prpose, is now on its way out.

XmlDocument bared all.  It showed its internal structure, which made it hard to optimize structure in how you store the data.  It was also very document oriented, and the API was not integrated well enough with .NET platform.

— Mark Fussell, Lead PM for XML

 Some great performance notes:


Innovation in XPathDocument.  Replaces XmlDocument as primary store.

  • 20%-40% more performant for XSLT and XQuery.
  • Editing capabilites through the XPathEditor using and XmlWriter
  • Strongly typed store.  Integers stored as int
  • Change tracking at node level. 
  • UI databinding support to Windows Forms and ASP.NET controls

Another feature that we will see… XSLT debugging.


Congratulations, Mark (and Dare!) for such a great success… the room cheered to hear the news.