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Session Notes – ASP.NET Whidbey Stuff

XML stuff in Whidbey
This session was entirely too full, people were out in the halls.  Too much stuff on DataSets.

XML Designer has enforcemnt of XML 1.0 rules within the designer. Designer now supports DTDs.  Use a toolbar button to generate a schema from a DTD (essentially, run DTD through XSD.exe).

Scott Guthrie’s ASP.NET Whidbey session

This was a point and click presentation, but I have to admit…I was still impressed.  This did not dillute the ASP.NET story at all:  rather, it shows that we don’t have to recode the login control on each and every app we do.

Some notes:

Find all the Whidbey information at :

Scott Guthrie Whidbey session

All sections within web.config file are represented in MMC console snap-in.

Can email notification to admins for exceptions, all within administration of ASP.NET.
Page Framework Features
Master pages –
Themes / Skins –
Adaptive UI –

Control Buckets
Web Parts – Part of SharePoint and Office 2003.  Baking web parts directly into ASP.NET via Whidbey.

FrontPage Server Extensions No Longer Required
 File system, IIS, FTP, and FPSE web sites

Directory Based Project System Model
 Edit any web anywhere (no project file required)
Dramatic  performance improvements with large sites
no longer required single DLL
REbuils individual pages, test, run

VS.NET no longer mangles HTML
Apply custom formatting rules (empty element or element with closing bracket), export, and use in team environment

Intellisense everywhere
inline code, CSS
Server directives even have intellisense, and are not that obnoxious yellow highlight.

Full XHTML support
real-time validation engine as you type HTML.  Tool tells you what happens under different platforms
Section 508 WCAG compliance checking

Richer HTML designer
Always create CSS instead of inlining styles

Master pages… define replaceable regions within designer

Intellisense and debugging for single page development (no code behind)

ASP.NET now has built in ASP.nET web server (no IIS required)
only alllows local browser requests

Publish Web – synchronize files between local project and remote server

Diff on local source to remote site, also shows log file support on same UI.

Whitehorse is not in Whidbey.  DAL designer.

Drag SQL table onto design surface, get a grid.  Easy to use query editor, bind controls directly to data source without any code at all.  Can also select just a few columns and drop, get table with only specified columns.

Master Pages
Drag ContentPlaceHolder control onto designer
Create new page, and can choose a .master file to be the base.  All content is disabled in new page’s designer except the region with place holder.

New controls
Over 45 new controls will be added within Whidbey timeframe.

Tree view uses sitemap file (XML base) that specifies the links in the hierarchy.  Links automagically show up in tree view.  Update the sitemap file, tree view is updated.

Bread crumb control also uses sitemap.  Breadcrumbs are automagically updated as well.

LoginStatus control… detects if the user is authenticated on the site, provides login link.  Add a login page, base it off the master.  New control called Login provides UI for logging in.  Templatized, can change look and feel.  Calls MemberShip API for you. 

LoginView control is templatized, has templates for Anonymous.  Works with login status control as well.

ScottGu got an ASP.NET error when he tried to run the page after updating the site master.  And another (had to rename the ID of the master template in all of the HTML view files).  Very cool feature, tho.. you can pass .master page development to UI designer roles, they ship the layout back to you with CSS and all.

User Personalization – has collapse and close buttons on each control.  EnablePersonalization servier directive.  PagePersonalization.SetDisplayMode(Catalog).  Enables regions that can be customized, and can drag and drop *within the browser.”  Saves all personalization for the user, can also store what they saw, gender, etc.

Everything in Whidbey is 100% compat with ASP.NET 1.0 and 1.1.  Does not require OS upgrade.