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Yuppie Refined on a Rival Saturday

The Car

Some background:  when my wife and I got married, I bought a Jeep Wrangler.  My wife shortly after bought a Mazda Miata.  You know the drill, newly married DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) out living it up.  She had her Miata for three years, and the lease was up about the time that we decided to try having a baby.  We turned the leased Miata in, and bought her a BMW.  My son, Carson was born, and it didn’t take long to realize that, besides a car seat not fitting really well in the back of a 528i, we really didn’t want a baby throwing up and spilling stuff all over the leather seats.  I lost the Jeep, inherited the BMW, and Deanna got a minivan.  After driving the BMW for a couple years and destroying the resale value by running 90K miles up on it (it is a ’97), I bought a pickup truck.  We started trying to sell the car, and that was May.  It is October, and we were looking at tag fees, insurance, and the monthly note payment on the BMW again… we traded in both the minivan and the BMW for a Ford Expedition.  That was Thursday.

Friday, we piled in the new Expedition and drove from Atlanta to Dallas to stay with some friends for a week.  The truck handles great, and we got a 10-inch TV screen in the back with a DVD.  The kids were in baby heaven, watching Disney movies for 14 hours straight.

I was already scheduled to speak at the Fort Worth User’s Group tomorrow night, so it served as a great excuse to come hang out in Texas and enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the Red River Shootout and the Texas State Fair.

A Great Day for Football

Saturday was a college football fan’s dream (or worst nightmare, if you were one of the top 10 teams that dropped in the rankings).  Florida over LSU, Missouri over Nebraska, Notre Dame over Pittsburgh… and the clincher… Wisoncsin over Ohio State!  It was about time Ohio State lost one anyway, and it couldn’t be to a better team than Wisconsin!

Then there was the buzz all around DFW about The Red River Shootout.  This game is one of the greatest rivalries of all time, between the University of Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma University Sooners.  My wife is a huge Longhorns fan, and I can’t help but love the tradition behind OU.  OU ended up trouncing UT, but it was great to be in Dallas for the game.  Everywhere we went, folks were talking about the game: you would think it was the Super Bowl here.  We went to see our friend’s son play hockey, and I couldn’t catch the UGA – Tennessee game anywhere.  I had to resort to calling friends for updates.

I called my buddy, John…

Me : “What’s happening with the game?”
John : “Tennessee is on a drive, they are on about the 5-yard line. Oops, first down… they are on about the one”
Me : “Man… c’mon Pollack…”
Me : “Here we go… Tennessee pushes… fumble… wait… it was a fumble… “

I hear screaming in the background.

Me : “He’s on the 40, the 50, the 40, nobody is behind him… the 20… TOUCHDOWN, GEORGIA!”

I get a call back in about 5 minutes.

Me: “Hello?”

We start driving home from the hockey game. About 2 minutes later…

Me: “Hello?”
Me: “Another, or the same one?”

Georgia ended up running the game pretty hard, final score was 41-14, UGA winning at Tennessee, which moved UGA back up to number 5 (where they should have been all along if it hadn’t been for a loss to LSU).  What a great day to be a Bulldog.

A Great Day of Football?  Try a Whole Weekend!

Of course, Football Saturday bled over to Sunday with dramatic wins for Dallas, Denver, and Kansas City.  I usually don’t get to see much football on Sundays, so this was a special treat.  I I got to watch parts of the Dallas game, and most of the Denver game as well.  Between downs, I was chasing Carson around as he was playing with all the hockey stuff around the house.  Nice slapshot to the big screen TV… he changed the channel once!  A promising blue-liner in the making.

And Now, for Something Completely Different

OK, away from sports for a brief period of time.  Today, I am trying to put together pieces of my presentation for tomorrow night.  I have a presentation that has evolved over the past two years, and I am trying to throw a little something extra into this one while I keep it to 45 minutes, making room for David Penton.  I don’t do a lot of web services work, but I have done a but of research with them as an application level protocol for XML.  I am working on trying to complete the FCL story for XML, showing how XmlNode and XmlTextWriter both build the basis for a considerable amount of functionality in the FCL, such as configuration files, web services, ADO.NET native XML support, and XML serialization.  The basis for the demo will be an NCAA Football Scores web site… we’ll see if I end up with enough time to show it all off.