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The Giant Whooshing Sound

I was contemplating the opposite of The Giant Sucking Sound, and opted for “whoosh”:  the sound my son loves to make when wearing a bath towel around his neck and running through the house playing “Super Carson.” 

I cannot think of a place I would like to work more than Microsoft.  Honestly.  I would love to be able to work on a long-term project with a team of outstanding developers, working on cutting edge technology.  I’d be happy maintaining older technology with the chance to prove myself.  I’d be more than content in Product Support Services or QA, knowing that I would have a chance to work with some of the industry’s best and brightest.  I’d love to work for a company full-time on a large campus where the company is devoted to winning at whatever they are doing.  When I saw Don’s post about the opportunity to work with the XML team at MS, my mind raced.  Could I put in for that job?  What if I got it?  Wouldn’t that be so cool?  Man, working with the XML team at MS… We could sell the house, move the family… 

And that is when it hit me.  We would be so far away from our family and friends. A move of that magnitude would stress my marriage and put a burden on my wife that she didn’t necessarily sign up for. 

I am looking for a full-time job in Dallas, Texas, or a travel position that allows me to be based in Dallas.