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“MCSD” versus “BS”

I guess it depends on the dev work you do. I got by BS in CS 😉 and while I agree it does give you a great foundation, it did not teach me to program half as good as those people going to the tech schools to get their certs. Unfortunately, I have found, when it comes to getting the interview and getting the job a lot of times the letters “MCSD” do better for you than “BS”


Sad, but ain’t it the truth?  I studied my arse off for 4+ years (OK, my wife might read this one… 7 years) and endured more than my fair share of financial aid flunkies, student aids with a chip on their shoulder, obscure and unreadable text books priced just shy of a mortgage payment while trying to scrape enough pocket change together for really cheap beer on the weekends… all of which I continue to pay for for the next 10 years in student loans.

Or just buy a study guide and Transcender tests and wing it.