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Monty Python Information Ministry

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — In an apparent show of defiance, Iraq’s Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf stood in the streets of Baghdad Monday morning amid a U.S. raid on the capital, issuing denials of coalition advances.[CNN]

Is it me or is this guy a graduate of the Monty Python School of Denial?

[Marc laFleur]

(A clip from) Monty Python’s Argument Clinic

M: It is!

A: It is not.

M: Look, you just contradicted me.

A: I did not.

M: Oh you did!!

A: No, no, no.

M: You did just then.

A: Nonsense!

M: Oh, this is futile!

A: No it isn’t.

M: I came here for a good argument.

A: No you didn’t; no, you came here for an argument.

M: An argument isn’t just contradiction.

A: It can be.

M: No it can’t. An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition.

A: No it isn’t.

M: Yes it is! It’s not just contradiction.

A: Look, if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position.

M: Yes, but that’s not just saying ‘No it isn’t.’

A: Yes it is!

M: No it isn’t!

M: Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of any statement the other person makes.

(short pause)

A: No it isn’t.