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A Family Trip, Technical Presentations, and a Cool Email

We went to North Carolina this weekend today to pick up my mother-in-law.  It was great for the kids to get to spend time one set of grandparents.  It was a 4 hour drive with 2 children, 2-years and 1 year old, so McDonald’s definitely saw an increase in revenue for long car trips.  My wife booked a room at Renaissance Charlotte Suites.  What a nice place.  I was expecting something on the order of a Days’ Inn with an outdoor pool that had been green for months, and showers and toilets to match.  Not only was it huge, but the rooms were impeccably clean.  I even let my 1-year old crawl around on the carpet without freaking out.

I didn’t take my laptop with me this weekend.  Monday will be the 11 years dating anniversary for my wife and I, so I decided to spend some quality time with her.  No laptop, but I did take along 2 geek books, “Eric Meyers on CSS” (excellent review forthcoming) and Don Box’ “Essential .NET Volume 1” (just to re-read parts that I hadn’t caught before).  I honestly barely read much of Box’ book, I enjoyed Meyers’ so much.

After a weekend without the computer, I got online just after putting the kids to bed.  I read through some blog entries first, and saw a post (referenced entry missed, I apologize) regarding Scott Hanselman’s Tips for a Successful MSFT Presentation.  I have done quite a few presentations to user groups, and speech class in college taught us early that even a catastrophic laptop failure is still no excuse for a boring presentaiton.  It was just nice to see someone else re-iterate the obvious: not only must the show go on, but 1000+ people are staring at you wondering why you are the speaker and not them.  It is up to you to show them why you are credible.

After I got through with blogs, I jumped over to Outlook to check email.  I found a really cool email:

Thanks for you rkind words about Google Hacks! I’m
glad you enjoyed the book. Best, Tara,

I just posted that review late Friday, and it is certainly not a quick search to find my posting via Google.  This is a testament to the fact that Tara knows her stuff.

Gotta go spend some quality time with the wife and catch up on Alias, via TiVo.