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Next up… Knoxville

Travelling to Tennessee

This Thursday (March 20th), I am speaking to the Knoxville .NET User Group about “XML In .NET”.  I have given variations of this same presentation before, so I am going to do some minor tweaking to it tonight… right after finishing the article for Dare

I typically show snips from a movie before presentations to give the early ones something to watch.  I was thinking of showing some of The Matrix for the Knoxville group:  I hope the room has sound, and the overhead can show movies.  At least they need some music to listen to for those who get to the meeting early. 

Little Bit and Teeny Bit

I was watching my 2-year old son, Carson, while cooking dinner.  OK, cooking dinner a little more closely than watching… My son ran up to me and said “I had some you Daddy juice!”  Then a waft of beer scented baby breath hit me.  Gotta keep the suds away from the child lest DFACS come knocking on our door.

My little girl, Avery, started crawling this week.  OK, more like a military crawl, but she moved a whole 2 feet on her own.  She also has “da-da” firmly in her vocabulary, although the refrigerator, dog, and I all do duty as “da-da”.  She also started mimicking sounds that she hears, and I swear I heard her attempt “ma-ma” yesterday.  Right after hearing it, my wife was belly-laughing:  my not-even-one-year-old daughter had a Tiffany’s advertisement and was pointing to a necklace in it with the biggest grin on her face, nodding her head.