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.NET From a Markup Perspective

A slight burst of activity

After a lengthy period of neglect, I started making some incremental updates to again.  I really just wanted to put some books up on the page that reflected my interests a little better.

On another technology-related note, I am working on an article that requires me to do a lot more with performance monitoring and profiling of .NET.  I am hoping that the exercise will lead to a compilation of resources on application performance monitoring within .NET.

Things have been really busy lately.  I am doing a lot of sales calls to stir up some consulting work, with tepid success at best.  I really have no interest in becoming a full-time salesperson, I would rather keep focusing on technology.  And the weather is not helping my restlessness.  Softball started up, so Mondays are taken up.  Wednesdays are date night with my wife, the only scheduled time we can guarantee together without children.  Saturdays and Sundays focus on the kids.  There’s yard work to be done, which will take up a significant chunk of Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.  That is leaving very little time to continue playing around with new technology or even reading the books I have yet to break the binding on.

Back to the sales calls…

One sales call was with a company that is developing a caching strategy for enterprise architectures.  They contend that their product outperforms any caching strategy that is available on the market, far outpacing Microsoft’s SQL Server session storage.  OK, if raw performance is the issue, then they might be correct.  But I had to question them on how their product fits in with a strategy using ViewState within ASP.NET:  the room grew silent.  “We hadn’t worked with that yet.”