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I notice on many other blogs, the poster tends to include link categories such as “blogs I read”.  How can you constrain yourself to a fixed list?  Part of the interest, for me at least, is following the meanderings to see where they lead to next. 

I read a post (can’t even remember where it started) that pointed to Joshua Allen’s blog listing Microsoft employees who maintain blogs.  I saw Don Box’s blog… which had a reference to Dare Obasanjo’s blog… and from one link, to another, to another…

Blogging is quickly becoming a very counterproductive interest for me.  At least with Google surfing, I am somewhat contained by my own interests.  Now I can be randomly distracted by everything from reviews on the latest movies to security attribute documentation in version 1.1 of the .NET Framework. 

“Just don’t read it”, you say?


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