Debugger Canvas on Channel9

Hi everyone, Robert Green from Channel9 asked me to do a Debugger Canvas video for Channel9 last week and it went live today.  Check it out!


Exploring Code Canvas

Introduction I originally started working on Code Canvas back in 2007, but it was essentially put on hold after 2009 because the technology to make it testable in the field was not available.  For example, Visual Studio at the time did not support editing code in anything other than the standard file-based tabbed-editors.  Also there…


Code Canvas vs. Code Bubbles vs. Debugger Canvas

You may have seen my previous comparison of Code Canvas vs. Diagrams/Visualizations, but sometimes people also ask me “What is the relationship between Code Canvas and Debugger Canvas?”, or “Is Debugger Canvas the same as Code Bubbles?”.  Here are my personal thoughts on some of the high-level differences between the three: Code Canvas: Shows source…


Debugger Canvas 1.1 is Released!

Hi everyone, we are pleased to announce the release of Debugger Canvas version 1.1. This version includes a number of bug fixes, new features, and improves performance. Some of the new features are: – Easily turn Debugger Canvas on or off, even in the middle of a debug session. – Quickly navigate up and down…