Code Canvas @ TechFest

In honor of today's historic date of breaking down walls, I'm posting a recording of the live presentation of Code Canvas given at the 2009 Microsoft Research TechFest event on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA.

This video demonstrates some of the features of Code Canvas that are applicable when zoomed in close to your code, such as grouping by folders, organization by type hierarchy, references and off-screen previews, screen-constrained search results, code coverage overlays, and code execution traces, including multi-threaded execution traces showing thread synchronization.

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  1. xenry says:

    looks amazing !

    just was exactly said at the end: "go to http:\codecanvas …" ? .com, .net, .org does not seem to work, could we have the address again =)

  2. Kael Rowan says:

    Thanks xenry!  The video was from an internal presentation, and the web site is only accessible internally within Microsoft.

  3. xenry says:

    well, then we will have to wait some more :/

    keep up the good work!

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