Open Door Presentations

Thanks all who attended the Open Door events and attended my presentation. I hope the discussion was fruitful. You can download the presentations from the below link Economics of Cloud Computing Microsoft Cloud Platform!461


Key Differences Between Public and Private Clouds

I’ve was lucky to take part on a workshop last week with one of the most respected IT organizations in the Middleeast. Our colleagues from the organization gave us a very good feedback on their requirements for a Private Cloud Toolkit, which will help them in build and manage their new datacenter. What are we…


What Does Target Business Architecture Really Mean

Any of us who has gone through TOGAF material has read the ADM Phase B which is Business Architecture. In the TOGAF documentation this phase is described as “Business Architecture describes the development of a Business Architecture to support an agreed Architecture Vision” In simple terms we model the existing Business Architecture, we plan for the…


Adventures in installing the ERPMA for FIM 2010

Comment: ERP MA runs under 32 Bit, if you’re installing FIM on a 64 Bit machine, don’t forget to run the MA under a 32 Bit Process, this is the last combo box on the first configuration screen of your MA. The first step for configuring SAP MA on FIM 2010 server is running ERP MA Configuration…


When Enterprise Architecture Becomes More Architecture and Less Enterprise

After attending the Zachman Framework Training last month, I realized that my fundmental way of thinking around architecture was flawed. To most of us, Architecture is thought of another layer on top of systems building process. The senior guy who can see the big picture and who understands the business language comes and builds some…


What’s next after Private Clouds, Personal Clouds?

For some time I’ve been following this Cloudmania and the latest buzzword invented is Private Clouds. So what is a private cloud and how is it different from our conventional datacenter. We even have kits and products and vendors that claim they can deliver privaye clouds. I look at this from two perspectives: 1- Public…


Updated SAPBridge Web Services for the SAP OBA Sample Application 2.0

The moment you start going through the 43 page OBA SAP SAK 2.0 installation document you will realize that once you come to the end which is installing the ADF components for Sharepoint Server 2007 BDC web parts, it doesn’t work. When you try to put a BDC web part for the ADF’s, you get…


Announcing : Arabic Silverlight Web Slice Templates

We recently started a project under the link for Silverlight 2.0 based Arabic Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices. These slices could be downloaded and modified to fit the needs of Arabic websites. The initial set of web slices include a News Slice that reads from RSS feeds of newspapers, Stock Data Slice that reads…


Internet Explorer 8 Features Could Stickiness to Your Website in Minutes – Part 3 Web Slices, Ideas for Saudi Sites?

Add a Web Slice and you won’t have to go back to the same website again and again for updates on news, stock quotes, online auctions, weather, or even sports scores—now those updates will come to you. The new Web Slice feature provides up-to-the-minute information on the sites (it will alert you of new content…