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The Storytelling Manifesto

Tell us a story! Since the dawn of humanity the storyteller has been the center of popular culture. It began around the campfires of our ancestors where without scripts, screens or props they spun yarns that did more than entertain. Storytellers were the creators of tradition. The origin of belief. Stories, the naked spoken word,…


We’re Gonna Test Like It’s 1999 (yeah try not to sing it!)

Modern software developers bear little resemblance to our forebears. We’ve forsaken their jackets and ties in favor of hoodies and t-shirts. We’ve quit their offices and cubicles to occupy hacker hostels and corner cafés. They had floppies and sneakernet. We have Github. They printed and stored; we share and post. They worked for big companies…


Work Hard You’ll Get There Eventually (hint: no you won’t)

Linked-In made the article sound so promising: Jack Welch tells graduating seniors how to succeed! It took only a few minutes to read, but left me scratching my head. Here is Jack Welch, the man Fortune magazine named as manager of the last century, dictating what it takes to succeed and here I am, a successful executive in this century,…


An Ode to Reviews

(To be sung, with respect, to the general tune of John Lennon’s Happy Christmas.)   So it’s review timeAnd what have you done?One set of commitments overA new one just begun But does any of it matter?This time we all makeTo fuss over ratingsAnd claiming our take Did reviews create the PC?Did they contribute to the…


The Anti Meeting Culture

Wasteful meetings. We’ve all been there. We are all still there. Meetings are at once the object of our ire and the very rhythm of our business. How can something be so derided and yet so important? There are books, articles and blogs about better meetings but all any of them serve up is the same exercise in pointing out…


The Growing Queue at the IT Morgue

“Wired” – a name better suited for a Starbuck’s employee newsletter than a magazine about technology – declared “the web is dead.” The irony of a magazine unable to foresee Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular killing off the medium on which it now publishes seems too compelling to ignore. Sure enough, since that nearly two year…


Microsoft vs. Google: Part 1 Grassroots Innovation

This is the first in a series of posts comparing aspects of the culture of Microsoft and Google from the viewpoint of the author who spent time at both. Today’s topic is their approaches to grassroots innovation.  Anyone who has worked at both companies can’t help but to compare their culture, review models, working habits and…


Now you see it, in 20 years you won’t

“Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” – T. S. Eliot   Google’s Marissa Mayer gave a Flintstonian glimpse at what search might look like in 20 years including “predicting what restaurant you might like in a new city” and “connecting you with strangers based…


Why I hate search

The word ‘search’ is a negative word. It fairly reeks of loss and effort. You lose your car keys and you search for them. Your pet runs away and you search for her. Having to search implies loss. It implies effort. Search is a means to an end. You search to rescue; you seek to…