O. M. G. – “Get Ready for PowerPoint”

I’m not entirely sure what these folks are thinking, but I’m getting a little worried about our marketing budget…  🙂 In case you don’t want to watch the whole thing, this, by the way, comes after “Get Ready for PowerPoint”.


Office 2010 – Technical Preview

Office 2010 Technical Preview is coming up. If you’re interested in getting in on it, check out the nomination info on the PowerPoint team blog. Btw, this movie is crazy. I wish I knew where they were going with it (you’d think they’d tell me, but they don’t).


Impressive effects in PowerPoint

Not too long ago, I joined the PowerPoint team. Thought I spend most of my time working on a related project, I do spend a lot of time working with PowerPoint itself, and I’m constantly amazed at the things that people do with PowerPoint. Recently, on the PowerPoint blog, Ric posted an entry about a…


Weather alert

Something’s going on the interwebs. I think it might be hell freezing over. That’s really cool! I wonder who is working on that stuff.