Ah, Irony

The guy who writes the minimsft blog has a nicely honed sense of irony. And you know, speaking of The Commons: I trekked over there today (meh, not the sunniest day) and I have to say it’s an impressive space. I walked around admiring the scope of the project, thinking "This is what Windows built….


Cake Delivery Services R us

Yesterday morning I got a call from my old buddies on the IE team asking me to help out with a cake delivery. I was happy to help out, and Gerry’s Cakes (www.gerryscakes.com) in Menlo Park was able to pull together an awesome 3D cake with only a couple hours notice. Mozilla’s offices are 2…


"No meaningful competition"

In this article about Bill Gates’ transition, we find this gem: For much of Microsoft’s existence, its two biggest money-makers, Windows and Office, have been firmly rooted on the PC desktop, where they enjoyed little meaningful competition. Wow. Someone hasn’t been paying attention for two decades. I’m sure that IBM, Novell, Sun, Apple, Mozilla, Netscape,…


Apple Security Mega-Patch

I’m going to deviate off my usual path to do a little nyah-nyah at a competitor. Seems that Apple issued a Security Mega-patch. From the article: This latest update marks the seventh time Apple has released a security patch since the start of 2007. It affects Apple computers running Mac OS X version 10.3.9 and…


On names and codenames…

The naming of products at Microsoft is something that never ceases to fascinate the world. The latest thing to get the blogosphere’s proverbial knickers in a twist is the re-renaming of Windows Live Mail to Windows Live Hotmail. Well, guess what… I actually have no opinion on this re-rename. Why? Because while Live Mail is orders…


The Birth of AJAX

Alex (my first manager at Microsoft) write a great article on the birth of XMLHTTP (the core technology that underlies AJAX). Definitely a great read. Though Alex was kind enough to mention my involvement, I have to say that XMLHTTP was pretty much done before I got there. My role on the Exchange team was to shepherd the Exchange…


And the reason we don’t shout this from the rooftops is…?

So, apparently, the Origami team working on UI for the Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) form-factor (sexy name, eh), have been working hard on new experiences. Apparently, it’s been called by some “the best software I’ve seen at CES.” I have to admit, it looks damn cool. What I don’t understand is why we’re not shouting this…


One of the Reasons I went into Software Development

While back at my mother’s house this past week, I found my old collection of PC/Computing magazines, which I used to buy monthly from a local store (we didn’t get subscriptions in Trinidad). One of the things I found was the January 1992 edition, which included a special “Insider’s Journal” written by Ed Bott. Ed…


Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta is Public!

The Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta is now available for anyone to download. It includes RSS functionality built on the Windows RSS Platform. Click here to find out more.