Welcome to the Jungle

Monday: Safari for Windows (beta) announced . Tuesday: Six vulnerabilities found. Thursday: Safari 3.0.1 released. Friday: Another pair of vulns. Next Friday: Safari 3.0.2 released. Monday morning: Another vulnerability. – Sean PS. Kudos to the Safari team for fast patching. I hope the iPhone can be patched as quickly. (with apologies to Tony for stealing…


Taskbar Shuffle

I install and uninstall dozens of pieces of software weekly. I also (perhaps as a result of the first statement), rebuild my laptop from scratch about once every three of four months. So, it’s a rare piece of software that lasts on my PC time after time. I thought I would highlight one of those today….


Reminiscing: Native HTTP in SQL Server 2005

A long time ago (c. 2001), I had a stint on the SQL Server team (it lasted about 9 months). One of the things I did on the team was write the first specification for a Native HTTP stack in SQL Server. The idea was to make any stored procedure available as a SOAP procedure. …


Former Intern makes Good

The tall white dude in the middle of this picture is none other than Chrix Finne of IE RSS team internship fame.   Picture courtesy www.harvard.edu Harvard Class Day, June 6, 2007. You may now commence to make the obvious Clinton and intern comments.


Windows Vista Aero in slow motion

One of the newer things in Windows Vista is the Aero interface, which includes, along with the new “glass” window effect, a number of transparency effects. These effects are designed to be pretty subtle, but if you want to see them in action, you can do it in slow motion. Instructions on how to enable…


Chess in Silverlight 2

The Silverlight folks have created a chess-playing demo in Silverlight 2. The game is here: http://silverlight.net/samples/sl2/silverlightchess/run/default.html (credits and other samples here) Silverlight 2 (formerly 1.1), for those who don’t know, is the version of Silverlight that supports the .Net framework. So the point of this demo is to demonstrate how much faster JIT-compiled managed code (C#) is than interpreted Javascript.  Each…


Mark Russinovich vs Microsoft Marketing

“This slide…this being a keynote, the marketing people had to make a pass through the deck. And this thing is technical, which is a little bit different from what they’re used to, they didn’t understand any of the slides. But they still wanted to feel like they were adding value, so they threw this slide…


New Look

Those of you who read this blog in an RSS reader may not have noticed, but this blog underwent some cosmetic surgery recently. I used some instructions I found on Guy Burstein’s blog, but some some modifications. So as a public service, I’m posting the instructions plus my modifications here. Needless to say, you need Community Server 2.1…


Messages from an RSS blog reader

  I love the internet. A series of interesting comments were posted to the RSS Team blog. I am the phantomworrier and u been hit by my feed or rss..ha ha ha ha ha …..I own it and control it u have no power so bow to the king of the internet.I invented it and…


Apple Security Mega-Patch

I’m going to deviate off my usual path to do a little nyah-nyah at a competitor. Seems that Apple issued a Security Mega-patch. From the article: This latest update marks the seventh time Apple has released a security patch since the start of 2007. It affects Apple computers running Mac OS X version 10.3.9 and…