Little things you may not have noticed in IE8: Part 3 – Feed Search

Searching the future

IE8 Search box drop-down

This morning I wanted to find out where I read about that “Skymarket” initiative. Off to IE, type in “skymarket” and it shows me not just Long Zheng’s original post, which I had read but also Joe Wilcox’s commentary, which I hadn’t read yet.

What happens is that IE is searching across not just my history, but also across the titles of feeds and feed items – so I can find not just what I’ve already seen, but also the new things from people and sources I find interesting.

A little interesting side-note: the ability to search favorites, history and feeds is provided by the Windows Search indexing platform, which is really cool. It really showcases the value of having fast, efficient indexer built-in to the platform. Without it, the team would have had to install its own indexer – and having two indexers running on the same system is a recipe for performance problems.

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