Vista in WPF/E

Someone has built an amazing Vista site in WPF/E in what I'm told is Solvenian (via Mike Harsh's blog).

Check it out:

Even cooler, you can view my new favorite Vista+Office ad. I don't know where to find it elsewhere, but here are instructions to view it in the site above.

  1. Navigate to the link above
  2. Log on as the one on the left.
  3. In the Welcome Page (the box in the center), click on "Vista WOW"
  4. Enjoy (note, you can drag the "media player" window around, and maximize it.

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  1. Miladin says:

    It is indeed Slovenian language, so I can offer a bit more info (not my native language but close enough for me to understand). 🙂

    The login screen shows the "free time" (left) and "work time" (right) users (literal translation).

    The focus of the "free time" demo is on a competition where visitors can upload photos, songs, videos, Sidebar gadgets or even t-shirt designs, to win copies of Windows Vista or Xbox 360. The "work time" demo mainly includes tons of productivity style videos.

    Fun fact: the gadget gallery actually links out to the real Sidebar gadgets that you can use on Vista.

    Amazing stuff.

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