And the reason we don’t shout this from the rooftops is…?

So, apparently, the Origami team working on UI for the Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) form-factor (sexy name, eh), have been working hard on new experiences.

Apparently, it's been called by some "the best software I've seen at CES."

I have to admit, it looks damn cool. What I don't understand is why we're not shouting this from the rooftops? There was not a sniff of this in Bill's keynote (instead, we got the tour of the futuristic bustop). What's aggravating is that we made a big splash when it was first announced and got criticized for being "just" Windows XP Tablet Edition with some tweaks and a "touch pack" update, and for the expense and low battery life. Now, when we're releasing updates that address these issues, we choose to go under the radar?

Anyway, see the pictures and demos on the team's blog:

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