Microsoft’s secret plans – revealed

One of the fun things that I do is to help monitor the comments on the IEBlog. We have it set up to mail us all the comments that are posted, including those that the Community Server spam filter rejects (so we can review and decide if it's really spam or not).

Not too long ago, the spam filter rejected one very interesting comment, which I decided to leave in the spam pile because the commenter has clearly figured out Microsoft's secret strategy. However, in the name of transparency, I have decided to reveal here, for you, dear readers, the truth (edited to protect your fragile eyes): 

IE is sh*t bill gates is really satan, he's building a moon base with the president and brittney, they will hide there untill the asteroid storm in 2007, then come back to earth to repopulate it.

Clearly, nothing more needs to be said...

Comments (1)

  1. Aaron Fischer says:

    Oh my god, how did he find out.

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