Vista Notes, Episode #1: Themes

My main laptop is a Toshiba M4 tablet PC (2GB RAM, 75GB HD). It's configured for dual-booting Windows XP and Windows Vista. About 2 months ago, I made the move to use the Vista partition as my main environment. It's been up-and-down, but mostly up. After a couple wierd issues, I now have Glass working smoothly.

To find odd issues with IE, I've been running in different modes. Normally I run with Glass on.

For the past three days, I've been running in Classic mode (yep, looks like Windows 2000) -- battleship grey. It's been interesting (especially the solid grey sidebar...). Found a couple issues and reported them.

Today, I switched over to 120DPI mode (run at high-res, but everything is scaled up). Back to glass, too. It's kinda interesting. A couple kinks to work out (if you've got the RC1 build, check it out), but it works fairly well.

Next up: Aero non-glass mode.

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