Feed icons

So, a little while ago, Jane Kim, who works with me on the IE RSS team, posted to the RSS team blog about the feed icon we’d be adopting in IE7. Shortly afterward, Michael Affronti from the Outlook 12 team posted that they’d be adopting the same icon. I wasn’t sure what the response would be…


Steven Sinofsky on PM

Office head honcho Steven Sinofsky posted last week about Program Management. Whew — and I thought my post was long. Related to a discussion I had in SF last week with some colleagues, here’s his list of some of the qualities that make a great PM:  Strong interest in what computing can do — a great interest…


Outlook 12 Instant Search

Michael Affronti is blogging about lots of interesting things. He’s the Program Manager for, among other things, RSS Aggregation in Outlook 12. His early posts include a good one on “Instant Search.” I’m dogfooding Office 12 and that feature is used at least 15 times a day. No more hunting for that elusive email. Just…


Syndicate Conference – San Francisco 2005

As I just posted to the RSS team blog, I’m going to be down in San Francisco from tomorrow, at the Syndicate Conference. Looking forward to talking to everyone there. 


Chris Pratley on Program Management

An oldie but a goodie: http://blogs.msdn.com/chris_pratley/archive/2004/02/09/70474.aspx  The best bits (in one paragraph, but split out for emphasis – bold is mine): […] one way to describe PMs is that they not only “pick up and run with the ball, they go find the ball”. That really defines the difference between “knowing what to do and…


Why can’t consumer electronics companies learn how to name their products?

I just played with the Phillips HDD6630 that a co-worker got recently. Damn, that thing is cool. I want one. Well, I’m going to wait. I’ve been burned many many times by MP3 players. I’m currently on my fourth, having gone through the Rio S30 (died), two Rio Forges (both died), a Creative MuVo Micro N200 (gym player), and an…