Mac OS X Hall of Shame (part 1)

Pierre Igot has posted has posted a Mac OS X Hall of Shame at I note this not to revel in the joy of a competitor’s product getting some criticism (no, really, I’m not), but because for many things that he listed, you could replace “Mac OS X” with “Windows” and be reading the Windows XP Hall of Shame.

I have to say – looking through Pierre Igot’s posts on and those on his blog, I impressed by both his dedication to his platform of choice, and his clear, honest, and in-depth posts about his experiences. Nice work.

And, I’ve thought that Windows should include a solid system-wide dictionary (for spell-checkers) for since I was a beta tester on Chicago.

Looking forward to part 2.

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  1. R says:

    Don’t you think it’s interesting that no matter how many flaws people expose in Apple products, zealots aside, people just don’t care. If you expose the same or similar flaws in Windows people explode (not literally).

    I’ve put it down to using OSX being a much more ‘relaxing’ experience, I’m certainly not as tense using OSX as I am using XP, although I couldn’t tell you why*. It’s also not because I am at home, because using my linux or xp box at home make me tense and uptight… which is ironic given how sloooow my mac is (old G3 iMac). Maybe if XP had BeOS raw speed and OSX ‘flow’ it might not incite so many people to rash explosions 🙂

    * I think it might be because of bad previous experiences 🙂

  2. Sean says:

    I’m glad you mentioned that. I was just thinking that earlier today (even before I saw the Hall of Shame). I don’t really want to start a "religious" discussion here, but there certainly is something about the Mac that makes people more forgiving. My theories: the crispness of the UI (driven by the double-buffering), the attention to detail in many areas, and the aesthetics of the hardware.

  3. R says:

    It certainly is unfortunate that some people are unable to hold a sensible discussion of the pros and cons of each platform without it turning into a slanging match.

    I run four OSs (sp?) Linux (Fedora), OSX (10.3), various windows flavours and BeOS (in VPC 2004). I tend to use them for different things, but I have likes and dislikes about all of them (albeit most of the BeOS ones are that it died so young).

    I’ve no doubt that each OS has plenty of things that it can learn from the others, but it’s just unfortunate the Microsoft products ‘just aren’t cool’ no matter how cool that actually are. It’s a pity that the *perceived* problem with Microsoft affect the *real* coolness of some of their apps.

  4. alias says:

    can u sen me a email on the pros and con of mac os


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